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AIB Signature Story Guide

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Your  Signature Story as an artist is the story that puts into context for your audience why you create the art you create.  

Whether you’re wanting to sell your art online or off, there's one important factor to understand: Your buyer is not just buying your art. They are buying the story behind it. 

Download our new AIB Signature Story Guide to start your journey- or refine your journey- to building a business with your art that reflects the life you’re building as a human.


There is a reason we focus on mining your Signature Story as an artist in business - We want you to build a business that aligns with your artistic vision and mission. 

The power of your Signature Story is the key to unlocking your own personal journey to growing the art business your soul is meant to co-create.

Enjoy this FREE Signature Story Guide and create the anchor for your business.